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Recycled Lithium Batteries & Cells

Most of these batteries are untested, supplied in bulk and meant to be used by the DIY Project builder for stripping and testing for their own use. Our aim is to have unbeaterable prices.....
and we love a deal..So call US!

Buy only the type and capacity of battery you need for your project.
Dont buy what you dont need.

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Refurbished Lithium Batteries & Cells

All Refurbished Lithium Batteries are fully tested by charging and discharging in accordance with their data sheets specs and the actual capacity and resistance recorded on its description label.

Recycled & Tested Refurbished Lithium Batteries for
The Solar, DIY, Hobbyist & Enthusiast Project Builder...

We go to great lengths to test all refurbished Batteries and Cells to make sure that they are in spec.
 We stand by what we supply and will happly exchange any product that proves to be at fault.

Need Help Choosing The Right Battery For Your Next Project?

We built our first Lithium project in 1997 and have been doing so ever since, if you need help with an idea or a different style of cell, give our team a call. We are always here to help and glad to hear from you.

For over 7000+ Happy Australian Customers
Recycling is the Future....

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