14 x Pro Media Video Camera Power Packs 14.8V 160Wh -95Wh 11Ah - 6.6Ah

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2 x SWIT S-8340S 14.8v 160Wh 11.1Ah

2 X LIGHTPRO LP-BP160 14.8V 11Ah 160Wh

2 X LIGHTPRO LP-BP160NE 14.8v 11Ah 160Wh

2 X GLOBALMEDIAPRO Li160S 14.8V 11aH 160Wh

2 X LIGHTPRO LP-BP130 14.8v 8.8Ah 130Wh

1 X LIGHTPRO LP-BP95 14.8v 6.6Ah 95Wh

1 X IMEDIAPRO Li95S14.8v 6.6Ah 95Wh


1 box used Pro Media Video Camera Power Packs 7 x Lightpro 14.8v using Samsung F22. 2 x Globalmediapro 14.8v. 2 x SWIT S-8340S 14.8v 160Wh 11.1Ah. 1 X IMEDIAPRO Li95S14.8v 6.6Ah 95Wh.


LightPro LP-BP 160NE 159.8wh Li-ion V-Lock / VLock Battery with 5v USB


  • V-Mount Li-ion battery for professional cameras
  • 5v 1A USB
  • No memory effect
  • 4 level LED power indicator
  • Intelligent control and protection circuit
  • Temperature, current and voltage protection
  • D-Tap power connector
  • 1120Gs


The cells are manufactured to discharge down to 2.0Vdc from 3.65 Vdc as can be seen on their respective Data Sheets. Photos form part of the description. All images in the description are of the actual items that you will receive. If its not there you dont get it….They appear to be in good condition as can be seen in the images. We go to great lengths to clearly show the labeling that gives the individual batteries performance data and forms part of the item’s description.

The health of a battery is based on three fundamental attributes:

Capacity, the ability to store energy. Capacity is the leading health indicator of a battery

Internal resistance, the ability to deliver current

Self-discharge, indicator of the mechanical integrity

When making these measurements you must consider type and accuracy of equipment used, as well as ambient and battery temperature.

What you see is what you get, check our feedback score. Our combined cell count over our range of products goes well beyond 70k refurbished cells.

Free Local pickup is available. We will also combine postage with other items so as to reduce shipping costs.
Manufacturers Data Sheets provide an excellent insight into the cells design capabilities and parameters and Google is a great tool to find them. Just look for the cell data on the cell wrapping and search accordingly.
Due to the nature of our Lithium products we offer no guarantees as to their use by the end users skill set and do not warrant there end use in any way.
Please feel free to email andrew@lithiumguys.com or call me Andrew 041 116 6049 for any further info.
We have loads of unlisted stock so if you need cells you dont see just ask!

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