AUDI QUATTRO- 4N0 915  105 POWER PACK 48V Battery, LG LiLi-Ion 9.5Ah 445Ah Valid for AUDI A6, A7, A8, S8,Q8

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Here we have 1 x AUDI QUATTRO POWER PACK 48V Battery, LG LiLi-Ion 9.5Ah 445Ah Valid for AUDI A6, A7, A8, S8,Q8 containing 14 x LG Chem LiLi-Ion Prismatic 3.44v  cells and Faulty BMS, The Battery pack came to us Holding 43.40v before the BMS with Zero Volts output from the BMS. This a warranty replacement by the dealer after only 2 months due to not charging, due faulty BMS. Power Pack looks in Great Shape. 330 x 80 x 70mm

For those of you who love to play, fiddle & diddle, experiment & rebuld the pack is complete with its insulation, BMS with Relay, Cell Holders, Battery casing and end caps with charging and power out ports. All screws and nuts for complete reassembly. The images only show the Prismatic power Pack, which we believe has 2000 plus cycles left to run.

LG POWER PACK Model No. 4N0 915  105 B. R.R.P US$1999.00

This battery pack is used, untested other than running a multimeter across it, sold for the wiring, cells, spot welding, and BMS value only for the use of the Solar/DIY/Hobbyist enthusiast project builder and intended to be stripped out and tested by the end-user. Not recommended to be put back into service without testing. Although, you may find that many batteries/packs are well within spec and you have a bargain. These packs contain 14 x  LiLi-Ion 3.44v 9.5Wh cells all we tested are holding great voltage.
The cells are manufactured to discharge down to 2.25Vdc from 3.44 Vdc as can be seen on their respective Data Sheets. Photos form part of the description. All images in the description are of the actual items that you will receive, plus all casing and BMS etc as discribed. We go to great lengths to clearly show the labeling that gives the individual batteries’ performance data and forms part of the item’s description.

Manufacturers Data Sheets provide an excellent insight into the cells design capabilities and parameters and Google is a great tool to find them. Just look for the cell data on the cell wrapping and search accordingly. The images display an example of what the the power packs look like

The health of a battery is based on three fundamental attributes:

Capacity, the ability to store energy. Capacity is the leading health indicator of a battery Internal resistance, the ability to deliver current Self-discharge, indicator of the mechanical integrity When making these measurements you must consider type and accuracy of equipment used, as well as ambient and battery temperature. Our combined cell count over our range of products goes well beyond 76k refurbished cells. Free Local pickup is available. We will also combine postage with other items so as to reduce shipping costs. Due to the nature of our Lithium products we offer no guarantees as to their use by the end users skill set and do not warrant there end use in any way. We have loads of unlisted stock so if you need cells you dont see just ask!

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