Samsung ICR18650 22F Refurbished 18650 Cells - 145 x Li-Ion tested 2077 - 2313mAh


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Samsung ICR18650 22F Refurbished 18650 Cells – 145 x Li-Ion tested 2077 – 2313mAh

These cells are fully capacity tested by charging to a max 4.15v, then stored for 6 – 8 weeks, voltage rechecked for self-discharge and then discharging to 3.05v which allows the cell to return its internal voltage to around 3.45v for shipping via Australia Post or Sendel Couriers. Any cell showing a resistance in excess of 150 milli-Ohms are disposed of. We provide the resulting available mAh as a guide for the balancing of your multi cell battery builds.

The health of a battery is based on three fundamental attributes:

Capacity, the ability to store energy. Capacity is the leading health indicator of a battery

Internal resistance, the ability to deliver current

Self-discharge, indicator of the mechanical integrity

When making these measurements you must consider type and accuracy of equipment used, as well as ambient and battery temperature.

Check out the four cells (Image 2 & 5) charged as an example of what they will achieve when charged on my Liito Kola Lii 500. Note the Low mΩ and the high capacity.

These are exceptional cells but as we know the Chinese are cunning follows and love their Supa Glue so you may “feel the need for speed” to recover due to some spliting….

Capacity:2200mAh Rated
Voltage:3.60V Nominal
Charging:4.20V Maximum
1100mA Standard
2200mA Maximum
Discharging:2.75V Cutoff
440mA Standard
4400mA Maximum
Description:Green Cell Wrapper
White Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor


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