4 x Sinlion HIGH CAPACITY Li-Po 3.2v 60Ah Batteries = 12.8v 60Ah


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These cells are fully capacity tested by charging to a max 3.65v, then stored for 6 – 8 weeks, voltage rechecked for self-discharge and then discharging to 2.5v which allows the cell to return its internal voltage to around 3.00v for shipping via Australia Post. Any cell showing a resistance in excess of 80milli-Ohms are disposed of. We provide the resulting available mAh as a guide for the balancing of your multi cell battery builds.

The health of a battery is based on three fundamental attributes:

Capacity, the ability to store energy. Capacity is the leading health indicator of a battery

Internal resistance, the ability to deliver current

Self-discharge, indicator of the mechanical integrity.

When making these measurements you must consider type and accuracy of equipment used, as well as ambient and battery temperature.


Performance and advantages

Improve the safety, temperature adaptability and cycle life of lithium-ion batteries with nanotechnology
Long lifeHigh rate fast chargingWide temperature operation
40003C 4C-40℃ – 55℃
3C high current 100% DOD, 4000cycles remaining capacity not less than 82%
Large rate and high current (3C-4C) charging can be achieved at room temperatureLithium ion battery discharge capacity at -25°C is still greater than 90%, and can work normally at -40°C

Nano battery series technical parameters


:6 x F10115128A10Ah)= 60Ah

Operating voltage range2.5~3.65V
range of working temperature-40℃~55℃
Maximum charge rate (continuous)2C
 Maximum discharge rate (continuous)2C

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