Video Tutorials for Beginners
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Show me whats inside the Mega Box


This is part of the video tutorial being added in the MegaCellMonitor software. Short video's which guide users through the process of getting started with the MegaCellMonitor. These short video's shall be created for every aspect of the application and are limited to 5 minutes max.

Battery Capacity

Electricty Explained

Voltage Currunt and Risistance

What is Ohm's Law?

What is Voltage?

What is Current?

What is an Amp??

What are Volts, Amps & Watts

How do I wire my BMS?

Differences between BMS's Explained

How to wire a BMS #2

How to Test a BMS

Building a 24V/10Ah 18650 Battery

How to Test a BMS #2

Make 2S 3S 4S Batteries from 18650's

EBike Battery Pack Build

Build a 24V 72Ah Ammo box

EBike 36v 10Ah how to Build